Gyokudou Kamamoto

Located on the largest island in the Sea of Japan: Sado

With four distinct seasons, Sado Island covers an area of approximately 855 square kilometres, which is 1.4 times the size of Tokyo’s twenty-three wards.

Various traditional performing arts, such as Ondeko (deity mask dance) and bonfire Noh performances have been handed down through generations on this island, inhabited by approximately 57,000 people.

The Gyokudo Kamamoto pottery is located in the area once called Hatano, at the heart of this island steeped in history, culture and nature.

Bird's eye view of Sado
Front view of the pottery

Here we will guide you through the studio.

Working in the pottery
Potter's wheel
Formed products
Works displayed within the studio

Gyokudou Kamamoto Pottery Shop

We demonstrate pottery throwing and offer pottery workshops at our shop located along Route 350, in the area once known as Sawata Town.
Please look for a large vase and a spacious car park.

During the workshop, you can learn how to make pottery on the potter’s wheel. What about making an original piece as a souvenir?

When you come over to Sado, please visit us.

Address 122-1 Kubota, Sado, Niigata 952-1325
Tel / Fax +81 (0)259-52-3222 / +81 (0)259-52-3251
Hours 8:30 am – 5:30 pm
Closed Open 7 days a week from March to November / Closed on Mondays and around New Years from December to February.
Payment options We accept credit cards: VISA, Master, Diners Club, AMEX and JCB.
Parking 20 cars / 5 buses

Tea room "To"

Have a break at “To,” our tea room within the shop, where we serve coffee, tea and matcha green tea.

*Please note that the tea room is now open on an irregular basis.

How to find us

How to get to Mumyoi Ware Gyokudo Kamamoto Pottery

By Bus

From Ryotsu :
Take a bus bound for Aikawa via the Honsen Line, and get off at the Sawata Bus Station or Kubota bus stop. It takes 15 minutes on foot from there.
From Ogi :
Take a bus bound for Sawata via the Minamisen Line, and get off at the Sawata Bus Station bus stop. It takes 15 minutes on foot from there.

We have our own private car park and are easy to reach by car.

There are parking spaces for 20 cars/5 buses.