About the potter

About the potter

Japan is a small island country in the world, and Sado is a small island within it.

I was born on this small island to which not many people pay attention, and happened to take over my father's profession. I don't deny I was hesitant to follow in his path, and I even wanted to refuse. I still wonder why I became this way, so drawn to making pottery.

One reason I can think of is that I encountered a Yohen Temmoku tea bowl (very rare tea bowls with glistening crystalline patterns on a dark glaze), a National Treasure which induces a mysterious sensation, like witnessing the brilliance of the universe.

Since then, I have had the dream of making my piece de resistance. From the beginning, I understood the way ahead of me would be long and challenging. I convinced myself, however, that even if there are detours, I can advance little by little towards my goal, while still cherishing my profession fondly. And here I have come so far.

Yuteki Tenmoku (tea bowls with oil spot effects), Konoha Tenmoku (tea bowls with leaf patterns), celadon pottery—I worked on these types of wares, on the path to my dream.

I still have a long, long way to go to attain my ultimate goal and my dream is always running ahead, but I would like to make progress towards it, even a little, while appreciating the working environment that enables me to devote myself to pottery.


Toshio Hosono
Place of birth:
Sado, Niigata

【Message from the potter】
Hold the Mumyoi ware in your hand, and you will feel comfort from its warmth and delicate texture.
I hope that Mumyoi ware appeals to as many people as possible.
When you come over to Sado, please drop by at Gyokudo Pottery.

Principal techniques

All glazes and techniques are made possible by the original composition of clay and firing methods. Contents of glazes and clay bodies are derived from local raw materials, making it difficult to reproduce any pottery in exact replica. I learn by trial and error every day.

Principal techniques are as follows:

  • Mumyoi Yohen
  • Yuteki Tenmoku
  • Konoha Tenmoku
  • Celadon glaze (Aoshi)
  • Geppaku (literally: moon white) baby blue glaze
  • Shinsha (red copper) glaze
  • Shino ware
  • Yakishime Yohen (firing unglazed wares at a high temperature: pure result of clay, fire and natural ash glaze)
  • Oribe ware
  • Ki-seto ware
  • Yuriko (red copper) underglaze
  • Kobiki (white) glaze
  • Kaiyu (plant ash) glaze
  • Biidoro (deep green natural ash) glaze
  • Taihisan Tenmoku (tortoiseshell colour glaze)
  • Tetsuaka (iron red) glaze
  • Kinyo (blue opaque) glaze
  • Kessho (crystalline) glaze
  • Lustreware
  • Other


Read about Toshio Hosono’s life and past exhibitions.

1953 Born in Hatano-machi, Sado-gun, Niigata
March 1976 Graduated from university (Faculty of Economics)
April 1976 Trained at Niigata Research Institute of Technology (ceramics)
September 1976 Studied glazes at Seto branch of Nagoya Research Institute of Technology, Ministry of International Trade and Industry (today's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
October 1979 Studied ceramics in Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture
April 1980 Returned to Sado and started career at Gyokudo Kamamoto Pottery
May 1981 Accepted for the 36th Niigata Prefecture Fine Arts Exhibition (Kenten)
October 1981 Accepted for the 10th Niigata Prefecture Art Exhibition (Geiten)
Group exhibition at Chiba Shopping Centre Gallery
May 1982 Accepted for the 37th Niigata Prefecture Fine Arts Exhibition (Kenten)
October 1982 Accepted for the 11th Niigata Prefecture Art Exhibition (Geiten)
October 1982 Work exhibited at Sado Artist Exhibition at Sado Museum
March 1983 Hosono Gyokudo Parent-Child Exhibition at Ryotsu Tourist Centre
March 1983 Work exhibited at Sado Young Potters Exhibition, Ryotsu Community Learning Center
April 1983 Work exhibited at "Hundred Bowls Exhibition" at the art gallery of Daiwa Department Store Joetsu
April 1983 Work exhibited at "Rising Potters in Niigata and Sado Exhibition" at Daiwa Department Store Nagaoka
May 1983 Mr. Hosono's work was exhibited at Seven Potteries in Niigata and Sado Exhibition at Daiwa Department Store Niigata
May 1983 Accepted for at the 38th Niigata Prefecture Fine Arts Exhibition (Kenten)
May 1984 Accepted for the 39th Niigata Prefecture Fine Arts Exhibition (Kenten)
May 1985 Accepted for the 40th Niigata Prefecture Fine Arts Exhibition (Kenten)
1986 Work exhibited at the 1st Niigata Pottery Exhibition

Since 1986, Mr. Hosono has stopped exhibiting his works at solo shows and exhibitions.
He now concentrates on making pottery ware, and displays his works at a gallery within the shop.