Sado's Traditional Craft ”Mumyoi Ware” Thick red clay evokes feelings of warmth



Mumyoi is the name of the clay which contains iron oxide from Sado's gold and silver mine. Mumyoi-yaki, or Mumyoi ware, is a type of ceramic made by firing clay body creations at a high temperature. It is extremely solid, and produces a clear, metallic sound when flicked with a finger. The more it's used, the more it glows.

At this pottery, we pursue not only the creation of traditional Mumyoi ware styles, but also the beauty of colour variations achieved with the climbing kiln and glazes made by blending natural rocks from Sado and wood charcoal.


We demonstrate pottery throwing and offer pottery workshops at our shop located along Route 350 in the area once known as Sawata Town. Please look for a large signboard and a spacious car park.

When you come to Sado, please visit us.